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1.How do we install drywall system?

1.First on the wall. On the string. to ensure that the wall dry.
2.The U-shaped keel is foxed on the ceiling and wall. which can be fixed by expanding screws or shooting nails.
3.The distance between each two adjacent not more than 60 cm, keel cutting, cutting one end to, from one end to In addition- end
in accordance with the direction of the keel如o arrange the drywall.
4.Finally. the gap between the gypsum board to do a staggered processing.

2.What are the functions and characteristics of gypsum board ?

TRUSUS Gypsum board, is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It differs from other panel-type building products, such as
plywood, hardboard, and fiber board, because of its noncombustible core and paper faced. When joints and fastener heads are covered
with a joint compound system, gypsum wall board creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration.

Main Characteristic

1.Environmental friendl


3.Strong nail holding power

4.Heat & sound insulation

5.Smoothness ciling board

6.Light weight in unit acreage

7.Square Edge or Tapered edge ceiling board

3.Purpose and usage of ceiling grid

1. High grade galvanized steel as main material, non-deforming, fadeless, moisture proof and anti corrosive.
2. Strong close fitting, high symmetry
3. High load capacity
4. Easy and fast installation, save installing time and labor cost
5. Large production line and strict product inspection, larger quantity and better quality are available

4.Why choose Trusus-branded steel channel?

Our Galvanized Steel Channel is used for ceiling installation indoor decoration in the construction of office buildings, apartments,

supermarkets, and so on.Thickened material, less prone to rusting, super hard, less prone to bending and damage.

It has the following advantages compared to other similar products:

1. Light weight safe;

2. Easy to install and clean;

3. Shock-resistance and high-intensity;

4. Both size and length can be customized.

5.Drywall System and Ceiling System

6.PVC Gypsum Ceiling Tile

Pvc Gypsum Ceiling is a kind of environmental friendly, light weight, high
density, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant decorative ceiling
board. It’s made of high quality paper-faced gypsum board with a layer of
pvc on surface and aluminum foil on it’s back.

(Gypsum Pvc and aluminum foil are all 100% environmnetal friendly material with character of
waterproof and fireproof.)

7.Why choose TRUSUS brand fiber cement board?

1.Durable & High strength
2.Easy to install
3.Anti- chemical corrosive
4.Excellent sound insulation capacity
5.Long life span:
can be used over 30 years
6.100% non Asbestos
7.High quality raw material: imported cellulose
8.Non-combustible & Waterproof treatment

8.Mineral Fiber Board and Ceiling

Acoustic mineral wool ceiling is a kind of decorative material commonly used in commercial and industrial places,

it not only has excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance, but also has the characteristics of fireproof,

moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, so it is widely popular.

9.What’s the use of drywall

  1. Suspended ceiling
    Gypsum board is one of the most important materials for ceiling construction.
  2. Partition wall
    Gypsum board is also often used in the wall operation, after the solid wall is knocked down, the gypsum board is used to build a new partition, which is only one-third of the thickness of the brick wall, the construction period is short, and the cost is relatively low.
  3. For some curved shapes and arch shapes, gypsum board can be used to complete them. Gypsum board plasticity is strong, with gypsum board as the bottom, you can deal with a variety of shapes, such as columns, ceiling arc, arched door, half arch and so on.

10.What are the advantages of TRUSUS brand Gypsum Board?

1.TRUSUS gypsum board has CE, ISO, SGS and New Zealand certification

2.Our customers are in 92 countries and regions all over the world

3.We do not pursue low price, only quality

4.We became a supplier of Knauf in 2017

5.Our products have satisfied many customers without bad reviews

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