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Fiber Cement Board

Why No.1?
Because of SPABA !!

Features of Fiber Cement Board

  • The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives

  • It’s a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatcheck craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclave under high temperature and pressure

  • Thickness: 3.5-25mm;Standard size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm (other specification is available according to client’s requirement)

  • We can also produce colorful fiber cement board, including grey, yellow, black, blue, white, red and so on

  • Three kinds of edge: square edge, small tegular edge and big tegular edge

  • It can be used in interior and exterior wall, furred ceiling, insulation materials, floor, road barrier, sound-adsorbing wall & suspended ceiling

Index Result
Density(g/cm3) 1.25-1.50g/cm3
Water Content (%) ≤10
Wet Absorption (%) ≤40
Fire Resistance Incombustibility A Class(GB8624-A)
Thermal Conductivity Average≤0.20W/MK
Bending Strength Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3
Radioactivity Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class

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